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Foundation Equine Wellness Program

For the lifelong health and well-being of your horse

Foundation Equine Wellness and Performance is dedicated to enhancing your horse's overall health and longevity. The key is disease prevention and early detection of health challenges. Enrolling in our Wellness Program can reduce risks to your horse's health by providing preventative medicine, early detection of developing problems and guidance on long term care. The regularly scheduled wellness visits will maximize your horse's good health, happiness, fitness and continued performance.

The heart of the program is an annual physical examination of the eyes, heart, lungs, skin, musculoskeletal system, coat, oral cavity, and digestive tract. The general condition and weight of your horse will be evaluated. A written report of this exam with any concerns or recommendations will be provided to you.

After an examination of the teeth and oral cavity, routine floating of teeth (equilibration) will be performed. The program includes the appropriate sedation for the necessary work.

The Program includes annual boosters against:

Tetanus, Encephalitis (Eastern, Western and West Nile), Rabies, and Botulism.

These are administered at the appropriate season of the year to maximize protection. In addition, each horse's vaccination history will be reviewed and recommendations will be made to eliminate unnecessary vaccinations and to include appropriate ones.

A yearly fecal exam for parasites is included in the wellness program and a custom deworming program will be recommended. Using the appropriate dewormer at the right time is essential for effectiveness.

Your horse's weight, body score, feeding program and nutritional needs will be reviewed and nutritional recommendations will be made to maximize your horse's health.

Enrollment in the Wellness Program requires a single, advance payment of our annual program fee. You may register at any time of the year.  In addition to the savings of the program package of services, membership in the Foundation Equine Wellness Program entitles you to another 5% discount on all services, medication and call charges provided to enrolled horses.

Enroll in the Wellness Program for the Life of Your Horse