A Colic Reimbursement Program -
Helps to defray the cost of colic surgery

Colic is one of the scariest problems that a horse owner can face. While most colics resolve quickly with conservative treatment, the problem sometimes requires more than we can provide on the farm. Referral to a clinic for possible surgery is usually recommended. While the great majority of colic cases come through surgery well and return home to live a long life, the cost of the hospitalization and surgery is more than many owners can afford. Too often, owners must choose to humanely end the horse’s life and suffering rather than refer because of the expense involved.

ColiCare is a new program offered by SmartPak that will reimburse a horse owner for up to $7500 toward colic surgery. To qualify for the program, the horse must have an annual physical and dental examination and receive routine vaccinations, all performed by a veterinarian, and follow an individualized parasite control program designed by the veterinarian. In addition, the horse must receive daily supplementation of Smart Digest Ultra, a probiotic, prebiotic and digestive aid developed by SmartPak. Digestive supplements are becoming more and more important in veterinary medicine, and we frequently recommend them for such problems as weight loss, gas, recurring colic, sand accumulation and diarrhea. We have found them to be effective and very safe. Smart Digest Ultra is available from SmartPak in the familiar blister packs containing one daily dose, or in larger tubs for scooping and top dressing. The cost is about a dollar a day. There is no other cost from SmartPak for enrollment. The veterinary services are billed separately. For our clients that are on the Foundation Equine Wellness Program, that is all that is needed to fulfill the veterinarian requirements.

Colic is responsible for more deaths in horses than any other disease and it is best to plan ahead. If your horse is insured for mortality, you can probably purchase colic coverage from the same insurance company, although there are frequently age restrictions. ColiCare will cover horses up to 28 years old, far longer than most insurance companies. For horses not insured, ColiCare can provide financial assistance if your horse needs colic surgery. By either plan, you will not have to face the cost of colic surgery alone. For more information on ColicCare, go to

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