In addition to caring for your horses, we at Foundation Equine Wellness and Performance believe that providing client information is a major part of our role as veterinarians. In fact, we cite it as a goal in our mission statement.
To help us achieve this goal, we would like to offer seminars (at no charge) for groups of 20 or more within our practice area. The seminars will be in the evening and will range in length from 30-90 minutes. All we ask is that you provide the location and organize the group; we will provide the AV equipment, handouts and speaker.
Our office will work with you for dates, times, and topics.

Available Foundation Equine Client Education Seminars!

We currently have the following seminars available:

Colic – This presentation drives home the message of minimizing colic through proper management, identifying potential problems early and taking appropriate measures to ensure the health of the horse.

Clinical Anatomy of the Limb – This presentation goes over the basic anatomy of the equine lower limb.

Dentistry – Provides an overview of the horse’s mouth, addressing dental problems and the importance of proper dental care.

Diagnosing the Lame Horse – This seminar uses video to cover the topics of grading lamenesses, examining the limbs, determining which leg the horse is lame on, and also provides an in-depth look at the veterinarian’s examination for lameness.

Internal Parasites – This presentation presents strategies for establishing an effective parasite control program.

Expectant Mare – This presentation will educate you on how to assure the health and well-being of the pregnant mare.

First Aid for Common Equine Emergencies – Covers basic First Aid for equines – including what to have in your first aid kit and how to handle common emergencies such as wounds, colic, fevers, etc.

Foaling – How to prepare for a safe and successful delivery.

Foot Radiology – This seminar discusses the basics of taking radiographs of the foot and the reading/interpretation of the radiographs.

Gastric Ulcer Syndrome – This seminar discusses symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, and prevention.

Hind-End Lameness – This presentation specifically addresses hind end lameness – recognizing hind end lameness, and lamenesses specific to the stifle, hip, and hock.

Lameness – Discusses the important role of the lameness exam.

Lyme Disease – Covers the history of the disease, symptoms, diagnosis, current treatments, and recent research.

Potomac Horse Fever – Covers the origin of the disease, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Prepurchase Examination – This presentation discusses the importance of a PrePurchase Exam and what it entails – from the physical examination to the movement examination – and the veterinarian’s role.

Routine Health Care of Horses – Covers a wide range of topics from vaccination protocols to daily husbandry (grooming, parasite management).

Safety and Emergency Tidbits – This presentation goes over a list of basic safety and emergency information every horse owner should know.

West Nile Virus – Discusses West Nile Virus in the state of New Jersey, including the origin of the disease, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

If you have any other topics you would like addressed please let us know and we will consider them.

If you would like us to conduct a seminar for your group – be it everyone from the barn, 4-H, horse club, neighbors, etc. – please contact us for details.

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