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Many of you have seen the benefit of our Wellness Program. Our original Core Wellness Program was designed to include all medical services, we believe, all horses in our area need on a yearly basis. Our new Performance Horse Wellness Program  begins with our Core program and adds valuable services that any horse in a regular work/show schedule could benefit from. Every year, the cost of either of our Wellness Programs is a 10-15% savings when compared to the cost of each of the services in that Program purchased separately. In addition to the 10-15% savings on the included items, you will receive 5% savings across the board on all other veterinary services provided to your horse during the year.

Foundation Equine Wellness and Performance is dedicated to enhancing your horse’s overall health and longevity.  The key is disease prevention and early detection of health challenges. By enrolling in one of our Wellness Programs you can help reduce risks to your horse’s health by giving vaccines that are appropriate for his age and exposure, oral health care, necessary treatments, and guidance on long-term care at a reduced price.

Foundation Equine is with you every stride of the way!

Two wellness programs to choose from --


    ·  CORE Wellness Program
       Our popular CORE program is structured to provide the recommended treatments and care all                 horses in our area should receive to help keep them healthy and happy!

    ·  PERFORMANCE Wellness Program
       The PERFORMANCE program is geared towards the working horse, the competition horse, the                 traveling horse, and the horse that may need a bit more care to feel or perform their best.                         State-of-the-art testing and treatments are included to ensure your athlete is at peak condition.

When you think about how much you spend on call charges, Coggins tests, other vaccines, medications, or other treatments, the savings really add up.  You can enroll at any time during the year and have 12 months coverage.  Regularly scheduled wellness visits will maximize your horse’s good health, fitness, happiness, and continued performance.

Our Wellness Programs offer you approximately 10% in savings over the individual purchase of each service.
When you enroll in one of our Wellness Programs you receive these services at a substantial savings and get the added benefit of a 5% discount on everything else for the plan year.  Call charges still apply, but are also discounted 5%.


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